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Our Free plan is for unlimited meetings with all core functionality. You only pay if you want the premium features.

Answers to Your Questions

What does the Free Plan include?

We offer a truly free plan which gives access to all the core features for unlimited meetings. You can create meetings, take meeting minutes (notes) and create actions (tasks). The minutes and actions are sent out by email automatically (if you choose). You can set up follow-on meetings and all previous actions are automatically pulled across for review. Attendees can comment on actions between meetings and close off open actions. In fact pretty much everything you need to run a successful series of meetings – all for free.

What payment gateway do you use?

We take payment security very seriously and have chosen Stripe to handle all of our payment processing. You can upgrade and downgrade your membership plan at any time from your account page and you will only pay for what you have used.

Do the prices quoted include VAT?

Prices quoted in the table above include VAT. The rate charged depends on what country the customer is in and can vary from zero (outside the EU) to a wide variety of rates within the EU. In the UK it is 20%. If you need a VAT invoice then please contact us.

Do my attendees have to pay?

Anyone can attend meetings and receive minutes and actions by email for free.  If you want them to log in to update their actions and mark them complete then they will need to sign up for a free account.

The only reason anyone has to pay is if they want to access the premium features listed above.

Are bigger team sizes and enterprise plans available?

If you would like to sign up more than 10 team members as ‘meeting organisers’ with a single point of billing, then please contact us. If you want a customised Enterprise plan with your own domain name and branding throughout the application then we can do that too. Just send us an email with your requirements.

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